For most people, bachelor parties involve a lot of alcohol and female strippers? While that might be true in some isolated cases, there is a lot that goes on in bachelor parties.

Most bachelor parties usually involve activities that bring the male friends of the groom together. There is no single activity that defines a bachelor party.

So, what really happens at bachelor parties?

Almost all bachelor parties involve some male bonding activities. This can be visiting a club, drinking, playing sports, camping, taking a road trip, etc.

The list is endless. It all comes down to what the groom and his boys would enjoy the most. Typically, most bachelor parties involve a wide range of activities starting early in the morning and running to the middle of the might.

Typical activities at bachelor parties

Re-living college life

For most bachelor parties, this is a great time to re-live college memories. After all, most bachelor parties are reunions of close friends. If you drunk together in college, you would probably end up doing the same as you try to be your younger self.

Bar-hopping and nightclubs

Most bachelor parties take place in bars and nightclubs. However, they are never in the same club all night. Most guys will find themselves hopping from one bar and nightclub to another. There is never a single desirable experience at one location.

There is usually a lot of booze drinking from one bar to another. In fact, bachelor parties offer legitimate reasons for guys to engage in overly drinking. By the end of the night, most will blackout and never remember what really happened.

Hiring strippers

Well, you will never know whether strippers are hired unless you attended the party. However, most bachelor parties involve strippers. This can be at a strip club or at any chosen location where the strippers can come.

Several stupid things can happen when you have strippers around. Whether sex is involved comes down to a personal decision. You can let the groom decide what he wants but never pressure him to go against his will.

Embarrassing the groom

The groom is usually the center of attention, and most buddies will try and embarrass him in a good way. This is the ultimate time to share those dirty jokes as you try to make the groom happy. In most cases, the groom is made to drink a lot of booze to the extent of blacking out. You can also make him wear inappropriate attires and take pictures.

What’s the point of a bachelor party?

The point of a bachelor party is to have the groom celebrate his last few days of bachelorhood with freedom.

This is the only time his closest friends will have a lot of time to spend together. Once he marries, most of his time will be spent with his woman.

A bachelor party can also be a test to see if the groom does really wants to leave the single life behind.


In the end, whatever happens at a bachelor party is something that the groom loves and enjoys. It is up to the best man to give his closest friend a great party.

The groom needs to enjoy his final day of bachelorhood before tying down the knot. You can never really tell what happens at a bachelor party unless you attend one. After all, the unspoken rule is that everything that happens at bachelor parties remains a secret among the boys.