A happy ending is the ultimate goal for many people. Whether the goal is to give someone an erotic massage, give a lingam massage, or just get a nice relaxing massage, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you want to make sure that you are getting a good massage. While it isn’t easy to ask for a happy ending, you can do it with a few tips.

Erotic massage

In an episode of Private Parts Unknown, Kocak and Alexandra take us on a journey to Japan, where erotic massage for women is a popular practice. The erotic massage involves the masseuses giving women sex toys and giving them massages. They get a chance to spend seventy minutes with their masseuses while staying in an expensive hotel. The results are a happy ending for both couples!

During a happy ending massage, a masseuse gives the client a full body rubdown, followed by a sex act. The sex act can be a blowjob or hand job. The word “happy ending” is often used in literature, describing the most desirable outcome. However, these massages are often illegal in most countries and may be unsuitable for innocent animals.

lingam massage

Lingam massage is considered one of the oldest forms of erotic massage. This ancient massage dates back more than four thousand years in India. It evolved as a response to the beliefs of the Tantra philosophy, which states that a man’s body is a temple and his manhood is a ‘wand of light’. According to Tantra, females should respect the man’s erogenous zones. It gained immense popularity in the East but only in the past 50 years has it made its way to the west.

Lingam massage can also be used to stimulate the erogenous zones. It is important to massage the testicles slowly to elicit pleasurable sensations. Other sensitive areas to be massaged include the perineum and the groin. Intimacy is also an important part of lingam massage. It is important not to rush into it, as your partner may want to sleep afterward.

Asking for a happy ending massage

If you ask for a massage with a happy ending, you are setting yourself up for humiliation and embarrassment. This request is not appropriate, even if you are paying for a massage, and it’s certainly not the way to have a good time. While the term ‘happy ending’ is not new, it is still a good idea to be polite at all times.

In an attempt to set the mood for a successful happy ending, you can ask your masseuse to use a romantic phrase that ends with a kiss. When asking for a happy ending, tell the masseuse that you would like to have a “happy ending” in a massage. This can be done by making a handjob motion with the free hand. You can also make an inquisitive look to signal that you’d like the massage to end on a happy note.